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"75 Watts"
Winner, Best Documentary Short
2011 Palm Spring International Film Fest

Nominee, 2012 Genie Awards, Academy of Canadian Cinema


PBS "Nova" series
"Musical Minds"
June 30, 2009

BBC's "Imagine" television program
"Oliver Sacks: Tales of Music and the Brain"
June 3, 2008

ABC Primetime
July 2008

Channel 13 News (Rochester, N.Y.)
Winter 2008

RNews (Rochester, N.Y.)
August 2004

Print Media

Genesee County (N.Y.) Express Newspaper
"Learning & lessons you can’t beat"
June 3, 2010

Greece (N.Y.) Post
"Drummer rises above tics and twitches"
June 1, 2010

Dr. Oliver Sacks
"Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain"
A New York Times bestseller
Best Books of 2007 by the
Washington Post and

The New York Times
"Our Brains on Music: The Science"
June 30, 2009
"Autism & Education: Tourette syndrome and how Matt Giordano’s Drum Circle, Inc. gives clarity"
July 9, 2009

Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat & Chronicle
“BBC will film drum therapy”
January 21, 2008

TSA Quarterly
“A Family Portrait: Matt Giordano”
Spring 2008

Insider Magazine (Rochester, N.Y.)
"What I'm into"
September 21, 2007


WXXI radio 1370 AM
"Healthy Friday: Tourette Syndrome"
July 17, 2009

WBER Radio 90.5 FM (Rochester, N.Y.)
October 2009

Star 102.5 (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Radio show interview
Summer 2005