Image of school assembly.

"Matt's personal story and testimony are moving and very powerful...his drumming will electrify and motivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Being in a room of 400 people, all [directed] by Matt, was one of the most powerful and spiritual moments I have ever had at a keynote presentation."
—John Raffaele, President Mid Hudson Coalition for the Development of Direct Support Practice and Director of Staff Training and Development/New Hope Community

“Matt’s presentation gave less challenged students a better understanding of what some of their peers contend with. It opened up some very interesting discussions.”

“Once the drum circle started, the group almost instantly became a cohesive drum orchestra under Matt’s baton.”
—Dr. Oliver Sacks, acclaimed neurologist and author, in Musicophilia

“Thank you for the awesome, unique experience at your drum circle. It felt so incredible, I want to use words like ‘spiritual’ or ‘liberating’ or ‘boundary breaking’...”
—Drum Circle Participant, Long Island, NY

“After Matt’s presentation, a student in the audience shared that he had autism. Other students were surprised to hear him talk openly about his disability. Many people in the audience were inspired by Matt’s enthusiasm for life.”
—5th grade teacher